Top Search Engine Rankings Is The Key For FREE Traffic!

According to the GVU Survey, search engines account for 85% of traffic for new websites. That's why it's not surprising to hear that hundreds and thousands of dollars is spent by webmasters on site optimization services to achieve top search engine rankings.

The most frequently asked question is,

Can you get top search engine rankings without paying a fortune for search engine optimization services?

The answer is a firm YES!

You see, there are no secrets or magic tricks that you need to achieve top search engine rankings. And please, do no ever subscribe to tricks like cloaking, mirror or doorway pages, invisible links or use any software to fool the search engines. Though these tricks may work in the short-term, it will definitely get you penalized sooner or later. There have been many cases where websites resorting to all these tricks have been completely dropped from the search engines! So beware!

Just think of it this way? Do you really think that a one-man company can outwit the hundreds of programmers working for search engines like Google or Yahoo combined?

Therefore, if you really want to achieve top search engine rankings, you should definitely do it yourself. Not only is it cheaper, it is also safer.

Getting top search engine rankings is easier than you think. Instead of finding ways to trick the search engines, you should instead give them what they want.

When you aim for top search engine rankings, be sure that you focus your attention at Google, the king of search engines and not other engines losing ground like Alta Vista, Excite, Hotbot, etc.

Why Google? Because

1. Google has captured more than 50% of all searches done. A good ranking in Google will help you reach out to 1 in every 2 internet users.

2. Google currently powers the results for both AOL & Yahoo as well. And when you combine AOL, Google & Yahoo, you are looking at more than 75% market share.

3. Other search engines are gradually adopting similar ranking algorithm used by Google. Meaning to say, if you can get a high ranking for Google, you are very likely to get a similarly high ranking for other search engines.

So what does Google look for?


It's simple as that!

Focus on building a good website that search engines love! Just understand this. Google (as with all other search engines) is designed to return good search results relevant to the search terms. Otherwise, it's useless!

So how does Google judge the quality of a website?

Well, we would all love to know the exact algorithm that Google use to rank sites. Unfortunately, no one has ever come close to that. It has been rumored that there are more than 100 criterias taken into account. But at least we know some of the more important factors that Google takes into account when ranking a site.
At the time of writing, three of the important factors are:

1. Keywords Usage - Are your keywords used effectively in important areas of your website such as title, description, headline, contents, etc. If they are, how are they used?

2. Links - Do you have lots of quality links from sites with related contents to your site?

3. Directories' Listings - Is your site listed on human managed directories like Yahoo or DMOZ?

While the actual mechanics is much more complicated than outlined above, You can follow a step by step Google guide to get top search engine rankings. Many webmasters have used this information to improve their search engine rankings dramatically and get tons of traffic in as little as 30 days!

But be prepared though. You will have to work on this even though it is as simple as do this, do that. But the good thing is, if you do put in the time and effort, you are going to get top search engine ranking and plenty of traffic flooding your site for FREE! So let's get started now!

PS - High search engine rankings will bring you long-term permanent traffic for free. Not only that, visitors who find your site from search engines are generally more receptive to your offerings than those who find you through advertisements. So make sure you take a look at this book many call as the "Google Bible".


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