How To Pay Less & Get More With Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click Search Listings

Pay Per Click Search Listings is the best way to get cheap, targeted instant traffic to your site. You don't have to wait for weeks and months for search engines to index your site. All you have to do is open an account and bid for your positions! And you will start receiving traffic in just a matter of days or even minutes! What can be easier than that?

Pay Per Click Search Listings is the only definite way to get your site displayed on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. And the best thingis, there is no need to worry about optimizing your site and finding ways to improve your search engine rankings!

While there are hundreds of Pay Per Click Search Engines out there, you should focus only on the major ones like,,, etc. These should give you 95% of the traffic you can get from Pay Per Click Search Engines without bothering you too much with bid management.

With Pay Per Click, you pay only for actual results, i.e. you only pay when someone clicks on your listings to visit your site. Hence, the name Pay Per Click. Generally, success with Pay Per Click lies with three factors:

1. Choosing the right keywords. Wrong keywords = low click through rate & non-targeted traffic!

2. Developing a keyword-rich Title & Description. Studies have shown that if your keywords appear in your Title & Description, there will be higher click through rate and hence more visitors to your site

3. Bidding for your position effectively. To get your site listed on other partnering search engines and to get higher click through rate, you need to get in to the top 3 positions. However, before bidding blindly for the top 3 positions, you have to work out your maximum bid so that you don't lose money!

This is how you calculate your maximum bid:

First, work out your conversion rate which is the percentage of visitors who becomes your customer. Say if 2 out of every 100 visitors buy from your site, your conversion rate would then be 2%.

Next, check your profit per sale. In this example, say you make $8 per sale.

After that, multiply your conversion rate with your profit per sale. Here, it would be $0.16 (2% X $8).

This $0.16 is your maximum bid!

This the first lesson in Pay Per Click Listings. Work out your maximum bid and never bid higher than that! Otherwise, you are losing money!

For complete tricks and strategies on how you can improve your click through rate and minimize wastage, I strongly recommend this E-Book "Mastering Your Pay Per Click Performance".

As the minimum bid is getting higher (Overture has recently increase the minimum bid to $0.10) and top bids skyrocketing to Dollars, it is more important than ever to learn how you can improve your Pay Per Click Returns!

Google Adwords

Besides Pay Per Click Search Engines, you should also check out Google Adwords. Since Google now is the de facto king of search engines, getting your site listed on the first page of Google will literally bring you tons of traffic overnight.

Unlike Pay Per Click Search Engines which rank your site strictly based on the amount you bid (the higher you bid, the higher you are ranked), Google Adwords looks at your click through rate as well. This means two things:

1. The highest bidding site will have the top spot for a start. But over time, with a low click through rate, its ranking will be dropped.

2. A lower bidding site may rank higher than a higher bidding site simply because it has a higher click through rate!

Hence, Google Adwords presents wonderful opportunities for small startups to out-rank the big boys without having to spend a fortune to outbid them. Also, thewre is still lots of untapped opportunities in Goolge Adwords! And with minimum bid at just $0.05 for a lot of keywords, it is easy for you to have top premium positions for pennies!

If you are using or plan to use Google Adwords to generate traffic to your site, make sure you check out "21 Ways to Maximize Your Google Adwords ROI". Not only will you learn how to improve your ad rankings without increasing your bid, you will also learn different ways to target and qualify your visitors to save unnecessary clicks!

PS - Within the first few days of using the strategies outlined in this book, I have seen my click through rate increased from the low 1.5% to 3.7% for one popular single keyword! As a result of that, my average position for the word has shot up to 1.5 from 4.2! And I achieve all these without touching my bids!

Do not advertise on Google Adwords without reading this book!

Just think of the increased traffic you can get with the same advertising spending!


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